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We offer a variety of application techniques such as individual strand and tape-in we have the perfect application for your needs. During your complimentary consultation, we explore adding length, color, lolites, hilites, style, volume & texture using only the highest quality ethically sourced Human Hair or Synthetic extensions.



Human Hair Individual Strand Extensions

Individual strands of ethically sourced virgin quality human hair that is perfectly color matched to your hair delivering undetectable brushable attachments, durable, and most importantly, non-damaging to your strands.

Human Hair Tape Ins

Using the same ethically sourced virgin quality hair Great Lengths is known for, GL Tapes are customizable with a smaller adhesive tab for a discreet application while providing more hair for voluminous, luxurious results.

Human Hair Tape Ins Plus

Perfect for guest with fine or thinning hair! The GL Tapes Plus can be used as the top piece of the panel in the finer areas around the face, at the crown and at the partline.

Apps Tape Ins

The attachment site is securely sandwiched between fine layers of the client’s natural hair, resulting in the most undetectable attachment of any tape system on the market.

Synthetic Hair

Using ProHair Fiber Extensions you can add real volume, texture, and body to fine, limp hair in about an hour or go for the glamorous look by adding long, luxurious locks in about three hours.

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