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Power Treatments

The power treatments below are designed for easy addition to any and all spa services!

Cool/Hot Stone Therapy

Chilled aquamarine stones are used to reduce puffiness and inflammation and warm river stones are used to relax muscles and relieve sinus pressure.

Cupping Rejuvenation Treatment

Cupping is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment to assist lymph cleansing, boosting skin cell reproduction and collagen stimulation. This treatment can be added to any facial, body treatment or massage.

Glycol-Sea Peel

Our Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel is an intensive skin treatment that focuses on resurfacing and renewing skin with less irritation than standard glycolic peels.

Gomage Lip Treatment

Ultimate spa lip treatment guaranteeing the removal of dry skin. Providing plump, smooth, soft, full & luxurious lips.

Hand or Foot Brightening Anti-Aging Mask

This dual action brightening treatment helps to reduces dark spots caused by overexposure to the sun and environment radicals. The anti-aging benefit supports circulation and preserves elasticity in maturing skin!

Hand or Foot Hydrating Mask

This nourishing treatment reduces dryness by delivering rich antioxidants deep into the skins surface creating a calming and ultra-hydrating barrier.

Hand or Foot Smoothing Mask

This smoothing treatment helps to rid skin of rough callus and dryness by gently exfoliating with a Sea Salt detoxifying scrub. Rich in moisture the Seaweed Mask will penetrate rough areas creating a smooth satin finish.

Reflexology Enhancement

Sinus pressure and headache discomfort are frequently stemming from a seasonal overload of pollen or environmental changes. While we can’t control Mother Nature, we can provide sinus pain relief through massage and aromatherapy.

Ultrasonic Treatment

Using high-frequency sonic waves, ultrasonic facial treatments cleanse, repair and stimulate the skin. The ultrasonic is a medically proven treatment that uses ultrasound to loosen and remove dead skin cells and restores the natural electrical charge to skincells.

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